Why I ran for District 18:

I ran for District 18 to contribute toward the collective voice working to advance commitment to our lands, give voice to those advocating for educational attainment for all, support policies that respond to the rapidly changing economy, and lend my expertise to the discussion of the much needed long-term investment in infrastructure.

Access to Quality Healthcare:

Behavioral Health
- Co-sponsored Civil Commitments (Passed)
- Co-sponsored ACES (Passed)
- Co-sponsored Booking Photographs (Failed)

Support First Responders & Military:

First Responders

- PTSD Legislation, 2019


- Veterans Fertility Coverage Resolution, 2019

- Veterans Homeowner Exemption Transfer, 2021


Property Rights

- CID Bill (Passed)

- HOA Act (Passed)

Fiscal Responsibility

- Dig Once Act (Passed)


Targeted Picketing Bill (Failed)


  • Vaping Legislation
  • Veterans, Fertility coverage resolution
  • Veterans, Homeowner exemption transfer
  • Homeowners Association Act
  • CID, Community Infrastructure District
  • ACES, resolution
  • Booking photographs
  • Targeted Picketing Bill