HB195 Update

Well, they don’t always go the way you want them to! The past few weeks I have had the opportunity to partner on a bipartisan bill to address some of the egregious behaviors that unfolded this past year (protesting outside someone’s home). It was a privilege to work with my Republican colleague Rep. Greg Chaney … Continue reading HB195 Update

Intimidation is not democracy — it is mob rule

Our democracy relies on freedom of expression, including protest. It also depends on an open, productive, and civil discourse where everyone can be heard and policy is set based on a rational assessment of available options. Setting policy based on who can act most intimidating is anti-democratic and anti-American. Sadly, the past year has seen … Continue reading Intimidation is not democracy — it is mob rule

01/25/2021 – 01/29/2021 Session Update

This year, the goings-on at the Capitol are simultaneously the same as they’ve always been and at the same time very different. We feel the continuity of past years through passionate collaboration on legislation and hearing from you, the people. I recognize that the current emergency prevents many from participating in the process, please do … Continue reading 01/25/2021 – 01/29/2021 Session Update

Idaho’s Behavioral Health Council

A year ago this month, my best friend, Jessica, experienced a harrowing mental health crisis that – despite the efforts of her closest friends and family to navigate a deeply broken system – culminated in her taking her own life. The incredibly challenging system in Idaho does not make essential mental health resources easily accessible … Continue reading Idaho’s Behavioral Health Council

Stronger Families, Stronger Students

As of this week, families in Idaho can apply for federal grants to assist with at-home learning. These grants are intended to help families cover the cost of materials for remote learning. If your family has spent money on the transition to online learning, you can seek reimbursements or grants to help cover the costs. … Continue reading Stronger Families, Stronger Students

Idaho Press: Idaho District 18 Candidate Survey

Q: 1. What do you hope to accomplish if elected? Brooke Green: I am committed to addressing our mounting behavioral health crisis. After losing my best friend to suicide this past year, I stand firm that our system needs an overhaul to help our communities. I continue to support improvements to Idaho’s infrastructure. This will … Continue reading Idaho Press: Idaho District 18 Candidate Survey