100th Legislative Day

April 20, 2021 marks the 100th day of the 66th legislative session. Typically, legislative sessions are approximately 75 days. The 100th day makes this session the third longest legislative session since the 1890s. This 100th day is nothing to celebrate.

On this 100th day we still have not passed essential appropriations bills such as the catastrophic health care program, health and welfare, and lastly the public schools.

In short, our public school budgets are being held hostage as the majority navigates this year’s hot topic: critical race theory. Opponents of public school funding argued that our teachers are indoctrinating our children, yet have failed to provide substantive evidence.

Therefore, the Idaho Legislature will enter our 101st day at the expense of $35,000 a day. While we await the necessary words to capture just the right policy language to address the alleged indoctrination of our k-12 children.

Hold tight… This session is likely to inch towards May. I’ll keep you posted as we hopefully wrap up.

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