March 6 Legislative Update

H439 Unaffiliated voters must change their voter registration status to one of the political parties by the candidate filing deadline before the primary election. This tight deadline would require affiliation before knowing who is running in that primary.Status: Passed House/awaiting hearing in Senate. H547 Would criminalize anyone who picks up a ballot for your neighbor … Continue reading March 6 Legislative Update

2022 Legislative Update

Thank you for your continued support throughout the last year and into the current legislative session. This past summer I was busy working with the Behavioral Health Council and will now direct that attention to ensuring the policy suggestions from the council are followed through at the statehouse. I am currently tracking eight bills related … Continue reading 2022 Legislative Update

End of 2021 Session

I continue to represent you in the Idaho Legislature, and this 66th session has certainly been an interesting one. The word “interesting” may not correctly encompass this session as a descriptor. Perhaps “disconnected,” “hectic,” “feverish,” or “never-ending” would be more accurate. This newsletter serves as an end-of-session update on legislative happenings this session. I work … Continue reading End of 2021 Session