HB195 Update

Well, they don’t always go the way you want them to! The past few weeks I have had the opportunity to partner on a bipartisan bill to address some of the egregious behaviors that unfolded this past year (protesting outside someone’s home). It was a privilege to work with my Republican colleague Rep. Greg Chaney as we navigated this complex bill through to the Idaho House floor.

It didn’t pass. While that is disappointing, the discussions and debates were by far some of the most passionate, pointed debates I have witnessed in my term with the Idaho Legislature. The bill died, but the takeaways are immense. The debates against the bill were just as passionate (well, a few) to the debates in favor.

Ideally, we shouldn’t have had to bring this bill forward because naturally, I think we could all agree that to terrorize a family in their home for simply doing their job is a terrible approach to expressing one’s grievances.

Nonetheless, I genuinely hope we will NOT have to bring this bill back in future years, that we can genuinely reflect on this past year and learn from it. That we can all agree that everyone’s home is off limits! Not matter how they do their job and what political party they affiliate with. I appreciate all my families in blue and community members who supported this. I especially send my sincere appreciation to my co-sponsor Rep. Greg Chaney. It was an honor to work with him on this important legislation. Thank you for your courage. Thanks to your family as well, I know that this bill brought great stress to them as people surrounded your own house to protest your legislative activities.


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