March 6 Legislative Update

H439 Unaffiliated voters must change their voter registration status to one of the political parties by the candidate filing deadline before the primary election. This tight deadline would require affiliation before knowing who is running in that primary.
Status: Passed House/awaiting hearing in Senate.

H547 Would criminalize anyone who picks up a ballot for your neighbor or more than six family members and subsequently delivers’ them to the post office for mailing. If that individual exceeds 10, that person could face felony charges. These criminal penalties apply where ballots are properly delivered with no tampering.
Status: Passed House. Awaiting hearing in Senate.

H548 Stipulates that a person claiming a homestead exemption is also considered their residence for voting purposes. Allows the Tax Commission to create a database of all exemptions claimed so the Secretary of State can verify residency for purposes of voter registration and candidacy.
Status: Passed the house. Awaiting a hearing in Senate.

This past week was incredibly busy, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to have received convincing support for all four of the bill that I carried on the House floor. All but one of the bills was carried in partnership with a colleague across the aisle.

HB637 Carried with my Co-Sponsors and seatmates, Rep. Rubel & Senator Ward-Engelking. This bill stipulates that Community Improvement Districts (CID) will no longer be allowed to remove property they own from the CID at formation. The bill requires CID boards (in districted cities) to include one homeowner, the district city council member, and one appointed city council member.
Status: Passed House, awaiting a hearing date in Senate Local Gov.

HB640 Carried with co-sponsors Rep. Palmer & Senator Crabtree. The Dig Once Act provides provisions regarding the Idaho Department of Transportation Public Right of Way for future expansion of broadband services. This approach will minimize the number of times we trench or bore under our roadways/sidewalks to install the necessary infrastructure.
Status: Passed House, awaiting a hearing in Senate Transportation Committee

HB628 Carried with Rep. Troy. The Homeowner Act combines all Idaho Codes related to Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) into a single new Chapter and Title, provides provisions requiring meetings and financial disclosures, and stipulates that HOA follow certain chapters within specific chapters of the Idaho non-profit act.
Status: Passed the House, awaiting a hearing in Senate Finance Committee.

HB620 Carried with my Co-Sponsor, Rep. Marco Erickson. I carry this bill on behalf of my dearest friend, who two years ago took her life. This bill places restrictions on public records requests for a mugshot of an individual arrested for a non-violent misdemeanor and subsequently put on a mental hold or transferred to a facility for care for their mental illness. This bill is a small step toward helping to decriminalize mental illness and allows these individuals an opportunity to seek care in private.
Status: Passed unanimously. Awaiting a hearing from Senate Jud & Rules, we have not received confirmation if we will get a hearing.

This article does a great job capturing my testimony on the House floor.

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