Paid Sick Leave Legislation Sent to House Floor

Idaho State Capitol – On Monday, a bill sponsored by Rep. Brooke Green/(D-Boise) was sent to the amending order by the House Business committee. This legislation would protect employees from being penalized for taking earned sick leave. Employers would be required to honor their sick-leave policies without retribution toward employees.

“I have heard from several constituents throughout my district that there is a loophole that employers have been using to not have to pay out fringe benefits.” Explains Rep. Brooke Green. “Employers who offer sick leave need to be held accountable to their promises. This legislation simply protects employees and ensures that they will be paid for a sick day that they earned through their company’s policy.”

“Idahoans and their families rely on sick leave in order to maintain the delicate balance between work life and family life. Employees want assurance that they will be paid when they take earned sick days. This legislation keeps employers accountable for their sick-leave policies and requires that employees are aware of all parts of a sick leave policy.” I suspect this isn’t an issue prevalent in my District, rather an issue that impacts many of our Idahoans, I am eager to hear from folks throughout Idaho.

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