Rep. Green’s Vaping Regulations Bill Heads to General Orders

Idaho State Capitol – On Wednesday, a bill to prevent the use of vaping products by minors was sent to General Orders for language changes by the House Health and Welfare Committee. This legislation would create parity between current, traditional tobacco products and the new electronic smoking devices that are commonly used for vaping. This would eliminate the opportunity for minors to purchase vaping products by including them within the regulations of traditional tobacco products.

“The use of electronic smoking devices is an epidemic among Idaho’s youth. I am constantly hearing from constituents that they are deeply concerned with how easy it is for their young children to get vaping products,” explained Representative Brooke Green/ (D-Boise), a co-sponsor of the legislation. “The legislation helps to limit the access of e-cigarettes and vaping products for minors. With the rise of health concerns surrounding vaping, the legislature needs to create guidelines in order to protect young people in Idaho.”

“Vaping is just as dangerous and addictive as smoking cigarettes.” Rep. Green said. “The legislature should be regulating vaping products the same way that we regulate other tobacco products, especially since these products are targeted at Idaho’s children. We need to start holding retailers accountable for their actions and making sure that they are following guidelines about who they sell to and how they are selling vaping products. We are hopeful that we might stop Idaho’s youth from falling into a lifetime of addiction to tobacco by decreasing their access to vaping products.”

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