Reproductive Health Funding Restrictions Bill Heads to House Floor

Idaho State Capitol – On Friday, House State Affairs voted to send HB 525 to the House floor. The legislation would ban any public money from going to Idaho organizations that provide abortions. Under current law, organizations that perform abortions can receive federal funding to provide other health care services.

Democrats on the committee voted against the motion to send the legislation to the House floor and were vocal about their opposition.

“If this legislation passes, it will put Idahoans health, and even their lives, in danger.” Representative Brooke Green/(D-Boise) said. “Organizations like Planned Parenthood do not use any public money to pay for abortion in Idaho, but they do use money for life-saving services. Under current law, public funding allows Idahoans to get cancer screenings, STD and HIV testing and treatment, prenatal care, and so much more.”

“Idahoans who cannot afford healthcare go to organizations like Planned Parenthood for important medical services. Our state has very few places where patients can go to get quality, affordable healthcare. We should be taking steps to encourage more affordable healthcare services in Idaho, not putting up roadblocks for the places that are getting it right. I look forward to fighting this legislation on the House floor. I hope that my legislative colleagues will come to their senses and join me in fighting for quality healthcare services in Idaho.”

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