Idaho Business Review: Brooke Green, 2020 Women of the Year

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Rep. Brooke Green successfully wears two hats: She serves on the Idaho State Legislature and holds a full- time leadership role at Ada County Highway District.

When it comes to achieving her goals, Green said she can always point to someone who believed in her and helped her along the way. She is committed to repaying that same service to those who are coming from behind.

“A quote that I really hold onto is ‘I have never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else’ and it’s so true,” Green said. “I hope that I, too, can pass along something that allows them to step into leadership roles within their communities or careers.”

Green started her career in public transportation at the Community Transportation Association of Idaho, where she worked with the community of Riggins.

When the organization closed down, a fellow mentor encouraged Green to apply for a position at ACHD. Despite concerns that she wasn’t qualified enough, she went for it and landed a position.

Now, as senior transportation planner, she is thrilled to work on development projects and see them come to life.

“I love it because I get to go to work every day in an operation capacity and work on projects that really influence our community,” Green said. “I get to see the projects I work on come into fruition.”

Green first got involved in public service at 32 years old. She threw her name in the hat when a legislative seat came open in the district. Although she was the youngest candidate, she reached the final round. Rep. Ilana Rubel, who was chosen for the seat, took Green under her wing and offered her a stand-in position.

When another legislative seat opened up five years later, Green ran again, got elected and is the youngest woman serving in the Idaho State Legislature.

“She is bright, works tirelessly and in her first year has already emerged as an important voice for veterans, local control, voter rights, Medicaid expansion and more,” Rubel wrote in a letter of recommendation. “I have never seen someone with a more positive attitude, or one who is more ready to work across the aisle to get things done for the people of Idaho.”

ACHD leadership supported Green’s campaign and made accommodations so she could maintain her full- time leadership role and also serve the public.

“She is an absolute dynamo of energy and committed to our mission, and she has a passion to serve the public,” said Bruce Wong, ACHD director. “You’d be hard-pressed to find that a candidate not only has a full-time leadership role in a really tough environment and (is) able to focus on her constituency and be working to make Idaho a better place all the way around.”

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